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Cologne is the city which is famous for the origin of the Eau de Cologne or Klönisch Wasser which means water of cologne . It was created by Johann Maria Farina an Italian expatriate in the 18th century and named after his hometown which was Cologne. The fragrance was a runaway success. Wilhelm Mülhens, a merchant secured the rights to subsequently produce the fragrance at his factory at Glockengasse. His grandson later renamed the fragrance 4711 which symbolized the number given to the factory under the French occupation of the Rhineland in the 19th century. Today the fragrance is produced both by the eighth generation Farina family in Cologne as well as the company Maürer and Wirtz who acquired the brand in December 2006.

The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg

Luxembourg is the 6th smallest country and the only Grand Duchy in the world. With an area of just about 2,586 sq km, it borders France, Germany, and Belgium. It is one of Europe’s oldest independent states. The nation’s capital and largest city is called Luxembourg City (Luxembourg-Ville).

Zagreb - The Home of the Ball-Point Pen

Zagreb, the capital city of the Republic of Croatia, is an old Central European city that has been a focal point of culture and science, and now of commerce and industry. It is situated between the slopes of the Medvednica Mountains and the northern bank of the Sava River. Its location in the Pannonian Basin intersection falls in between important routes in the Adriatic coast and Central Europe.

Muscat - Modern and Affluent

The capital of Oman is not a city itself rather is is a group of cities and towns which make up the ‘Municipality of Muscat’ or the ‘Capital Area.’ These towns and cities border the Gulf of Oman . Muscat is one of the oldest cities in the Middle East and it has been historically associated with the trade of frankincense and myrrh. The actual epicenter was an area the Greeks used to call ‘Khouri Rouri’ and it lies 500 miles south of Muscat near the city of Salalah.

Beijing - 2008 Olympics and Beyond

The capital of the People’s Republic of China Beijing called ‘Jing’ for short is the epicenter of the nation’s political, cultural educational spheres as well as the center of international trade and communications. The city of Beijing which has been awarded the 2008 Olympic Games is located in northern China close to Tianjin Municipality and is surrounded by Hebei Province. The capital today is a modern city, teeming with a population of approximately fourteen million people but evidence of the old Beijing is still visible in its tea houses and temple fairs which co–exist with its towering skyscrapers, bustling shopping malls with their international retail outlets and its endless stream of traffic.

Manila - Chaotic Metropolis

The name Manila immediately conjures up an image of the Marcos family and their excesses during their autocratic reign in the Philippines. However, Manila, the capital city of the Philippines has a rich history associated with it. It was founded in 1571 on the east coast of Luzon by the Spanish Conquistadors. The evidence of this is seen in the oldest part of Manila, Intramuros which is the original Spanish settlement, a walled enclave containing old and historic edifices.
Greek Mythology makes mention of Djerba in Hommer’s Odyssey. It was thought to be the home of the seductive lotus eaters who so enticed Ulysses’ men by feeding them lotus flowers that he was unable to coax them back to their ships to continue his journey through the Mediterranean. Today the island with its warm temperate climate and picture perfect scenery composed of turquoise seas, white sandy beaches and white washed houses under clear blue skies entices 600,000 tourists annually. The majority of the visitors to the island are from Germany. The amenable Mediterranean climate of the island is perfect for the pursuit of water sports at one of its many resorts and this is what makes Djerba an ideal tourist destination.
The dusty city is situated on the confluence of important trade routes and came in to prominence when Kamal Ataturk in 1923 appointed it the capital of Turkey because of its position deep in the interior of Turkey’s hinterland. The advantage of its location deep within Anatolia deterred invaders who for centuries had attacked Istanbul. The city is located on a precipitous hill on the banks of the Enguri Su which is a tributary of the Sangarius River.
Cebu, located in the Philippines is an island which is long and narrow and covers a distance of 225 km. The island itself is surrounded by 167 neighboring islands some of which are Mactan Island, Bantayan Island, Olango and Camotes Island. Cebu is flanked on both sides by the straits of Cebu. The topography of the island is made up of narrow coastlines, limestone plateaus and coastal plains. There is also a hilly terrain in both the north and south parts of the island. Some of these mountains are as high as 1000 meters. The mountains are popular with adventure thrill seeking tourists who like to hike up the hilly terrain.