Brussels - The Capital of Europe

With a thousand year old history, Brussels is where the old world charm meets the modern age technology. The capital of Belgium and as the administrative centre of the European Union, Brussels has earned the title of the Capital of Europe. If that isn’t enticing enough, maybe its famous chocolates and beer would draw you here for a nice long holiday filled with gastronomic delights and captivating sights!
Antwerp in Belgium is located on the right bank of the River Scheldt. It connects with the North Sea through the Westerschelde. Antwerp is a thriving commercial center which has the second busiest harbor in Europe and the sixth busiest harbor in the World. It is the epicenter of the world’s diamond trade accounting for 70% of the trade of polished and nearly finished diamonds. Though this trade has historically been dominated by the Hasidic Jewish community it is now dominated by Indian and Armenian traders. The trade of diamonds constitutes 6 % of Belgium’s total exports and amounts to $ 4 billion a year. The trade takes place in the diamond district located in the old part of town and is concentrated in the 2500 diamond and jewelry shops located around the neo baroque domed railway station. Diamondland is Antwerp’s largest jewelry showroom.