Leipzig - The city of Heroes

The German city of Leipzig is located on the union of three rivers the Pleiße, the White Elster and the Pathe. Leipzig is located in the state of Saxony in Germany .The name Leipzig is derived from the Slavic word lipsk which when translated means ‘settlement of Linden Trees’.

Hamburg - the Free and Hanseatic City

Hamburg is the second largest city in Germany and the Hamburg Harbor is its principal port. Hamburg is the second busiest seaport in Europe and a major commercial, industrial, and cultural center. Hamburg is situated on the tip of the Jutland Peninsula, centered between Continental Europe and Scandinavia and also between the North Sea and the Baltic Sea. The city center is set around two lakes, the Binnenalster (Inner Alster) and the Aussenalster (Outer Alster).
Cologne is the city which is famous for the origin of the Eau de Cologne or Klönisch Wasser which means water of cologne . It was created by Johann Maria Farina an Italian expatriate in the 18th century and named after his hometown which was Cologne. The fragrance was a runaway success. Wilhelm Mülhens, a merchant secured the rights to subsequently produce the fragrance at his factory at Glockengasse. His grandson later renamed the fragrance 4711 which symbolized the number given to the factory under the French occupation of the Rhineland in the 19th century. Today the fragrance is produced both by the eighth generation Farina family in Cologne as well as the company Maürer and Wirtz who acquired the brand in December 2006.