Osaka - Once the Capital of Japan

Osaka, the second city of Japan after Tokyo, is said to be the country’s best place to eat, drink and be merry! It was earlier called Naniwa and has also had the honor of being the capital of Japan at one point. But even after the capital shifted, Osaka has continued to be an important hub for land, sea and river transportation. It has also served as the ‘nation’s kitchen’, being the collection and distribution point for rice, the most important measure of wealth in olden times. Now that’s a title few cities can boast of having!

The older generation in Osaka would probably remember the city as a maze of waterways that was the principal mode of transportation for the booming merchant trade in the city. Almost all the canals and the traditional wooden buildings were destroyed during the World War II. Now the city has a more modern and futuristic feel to it with buildings such as the inverted U-shaped Umeda Sky Building, Imperial Hotel, and the Ferris wheel on top of the HEP Five Complex. The city is also trying to establish green areas in the city in an attempt to regain some of its lost beauty.

Tokyo — The Eastern Capital

Probably the most populated urban area in the world, people who come to Tokyo for the Oriental experience get a rude awakening. One of the most modern and technologically advanced cities in the world, Tokyo has very little traces left of its traditional past, although one can still find such places if you know where to look.