Cebu, located in the Philippines is an island which is long and narrow and covers a distance of 225 km. The island itself is surrounded by 167 neighboring islands some of which are Mactan Island, Bantayan Island, Olango and Camotes Island. Cebu is flanked on both sides by the straits of Cebu. The topography of the island is made up of narrow coastlines, limestone plateaus and coastal plains. There is also a hilly terrain in both the north and south parts of the island. Some of these mountains are as high as 1000 meters. The mountains are popular with adventure thrill seeking tourists who like to hike up the hilly terrain.

Manila - Chaotic Metropolis

The name Manila immediately conjures up an image of the Marcos family and their excesses during their autocratic reign in the Philippines. However, Manila, the capital city of the Philippines has a rich history associated with it. It was founded in 1571 on the east coast of Luzon by the Spanish Conquistadors. The evidence of this is seen in the oldest part of Manila, Intramuros which is the original Spanish settlement, a walled enclave containing old and historic edifices.