Doha is the capital of Qatar, an oil producing state in the Middle East. It located on the eastern coast of Qatar and is a city where the old world and new world fuse together and coexist in harmony. One can’t help but realize this when one sees the tall modern sky grazing building standing cheek by jowl with the older religious centers and the burkha (veil) clad women walking the streets of Doha. The religious tenants of Islam are observed strictly in Doha. Alcoholic beverages are not allowed to be brought into the country; also the consumption of alcohol is regulated by strict licensing. Alcohol can be bought and consumed only at bars attached to international hotels frequented by expats and foreign tourists. Pork products are also not permitted in the country. In spite of these dietary restrictions due to religious observations, Doha strives to be one of the jewels on the Middle East and it has successfully hosted the most recent Asian Games in December 2006.