Don Corleone and Chicas

The city of Marbella in Andalusia, Spain is a beach resort situated by the Mediterranean and inhabited by the well heeled. A city of about 130,000 people, consisting primarily of people serving in the hospitality and tourism business which is the main attraction of the city, the city offers a lot to just about any visitor looking to have a good time.
The latest strategy adopted by Ford and GM of bringing smaller fuel efficient cars to the market are a sign that high fuel prices are here to stay. Europe has had a headstart in adopting more efficient transportation methods as compared to the US and has typically had much higher gas prices than the US for several years. GM's been marketing Korean made cars as its own in Europe. Ford sports several compact and small cars models in Europe that have yet to be launched in the US.

Vigorous Valencia

The original Latin name of the city, Valentia, meant ‘strength’ and ‘vigor’, and by regular phonetic changes it came to be known as Valencia. Valencia is a charming old city in the province of Spain. It is located approximately four hours from Barcelona and three hours from Madrid. It is situated in the centre of the Spanish Mediterranean coastline and overlooks the Gulf of Valencia.

Mallorca - The Largest Island of Spain

Mallorca is largest of the Balearic Islands which comprise of Minorca, Ibiza, Carbera and Formentera in addition to Mallorca. It covers an area of 554 Km. It has been a preferred destination of the rich and famous since the 1950s and in recent times the European budget traveler. The island’s capital city Palma was a favorite holiday destination of Princess Diana who spent many a summer in Palma the capital city at the invitation of the Spanish King Juan Carlos and his wife Queen Sofia who maintain a summer residence there.