Colombo – Eye of the Isle

Colombo is the commercial capital of Sri Lanka, and in a sense cannot be compared to the effortless beauty that the serendipity isle is known for – be it in terms of ancient history that fills the pages of every travelogue and postcard with enormous tranquil Buddhas, winding roads sneaking circuitous around hills layered in green tea plantations, golden beaches domed by island blue skies, masked dancers exorcising evil and illness, endemic wildlife or music and twists of island-spice tastes.

Serendipity in a time capsule - Kandy

Kandy, the old world capital of Sri Lanka, is several gentle nudges of serendipity in a beautiful journey through time. Unlike the ancient cities of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa, Kandy is historic but not antique. Despite its majestic preservation of culture, the ‘Royal City’ is inclusive in its modernity. Historic symbols eternalizing the history of its kings; streets lined with stalls and little one-stop shops offering everything from fragrant local spices to intricately worked local jewelry; yearlong festivals that fill the streets with colourful processions and parading elephants in traditional dress; an imposing white Buddha dominating most vistas; a timeless tradition of performing arts and crafts are only some of the features that make Kandy, Sri Lanka’s second largest city, one of the most visited tourist destinations of the island.