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Aeroplan Introduces its Carbon Offset Program: An Environmentally Responsible, Rewarding Way to Travel

Aeroplan members can now use their miles to buy carbon offsets. Members can choose to purchase carbon offsets at the time of booking flights or can do do while shopping the Activities and Merchandise catalogue. More information can be found about this program at: Carbon Reduction Fund.

Beware About Drinking Out of Your Hotel Room Glasses!

Using hotel room utensils may put you at risk for a staph infection. Watch this video to see how. Make sure to wash/sanitize your own glasses and if possible us a paper cup.

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Get a Taste of Taiwan for Just $79 - Rate valid till Dec 31, 2008

If you're flying to Asia, you may like to check out this really good deal on hotel accomodations in Taiwan. This is possibly the best rate available from any place.

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State of Emergency Declared in Pakistan by General Pervez Musharraf

Travelers are advised to research locations of travel within Pakistan adequately in light of the declaration of emergency in the country.

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